Friday, December 17, 2010

Mooch Minute 12/17/10 - Driving without directions

Mooch Minute


"Driving without Directions"

Nice title huh? It's my attempt at witty humor, my metaphor for my current writing. Yesterday I started writing the Mooch Minute, had some views, so I will continue writing. How interesting will it be? That will depend on my day to day thoughts….which vary from The Office tweets to cool Lunch boxes, sorry….my mind wanders.

I was picking my Daughter up from work and was envisioning the opening of the new show. I jotted down my ideas, now the hard part is to transfer idea to film. Sounds like a “who cares” moment, but the opening is important…you know how people say; you get one chance to make a first impression? I think that easily transfer to anything you’re watching too. Who knows…maybe I am over thinking.

You ever have the out of body experience...but based on age? It happened yesterday as I was walking around, aimlessly in Target, looking for gifts. I was in the electronics selection...then it hit me..."What the hell is all this shit?" I instantly felt like an old man, confused and the person I used to make fun of. Out of touch? It's the mental denial factor, thinking that I am not old, I'm hip....nope...I'm old.

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