Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Living Corpse - Hack/Slash Crossover makes a Girl's heart go pitter patter

The Living Corpse - Hack/Slash Crossover makes a Girl's heart go pitter patter
by: Demonica (Kim Dimension)

Well, it’s me Demonica again…your resident Fan Girl and Head Demon in Charge, or better known as Kim Dimension, and I’m back with another comic review. Currently I have been hooked on reading Hack/Slash by Tim Seeley. I love Tim’s work with my main girl Cassie Hack. Who doesn’t love an ass kicking hero, especially when she is a girl? So, I just finished reading Hack/Slash Omnibus 3 and as usual, it left me wanting more. Thanks Tim for creating such a great character, it makes this girl proud to know that us females have a place in the slasher’s world.

I loved the last chapter titled, “The Living Corpse Annual #1: Guest Starring Hack/Slash” – It was written by Ken Haeser. Such a fan of the style that Buz Hasson & Ken Haeser’s draw Cassie, it borders on Japanese Anime, but still comes off classy and clean. The colors are vibrant and detail is given to everything, such great world they created.

Why is it that all young couples always seem to find trouble when they go into the woods to get some action? Can’t kids find another place to go for sex? Like an abandoned cabin…oh wait, that might be bad…how about when your Parents leave? Nah, bad idea on that one too. Geez, with all the evil that lurks in the woods, don’t you know that the woods are almost certain death? Still it still makes a great backdrop for this story.

Having The Living Corpse with Hack only makes it more interesting. We quickly learn that Cassie and Corpse are old friends….. imagine friends like them? Then throwing the Jersey Devil into the mix makes it more enjoyable. Vlad and Cassie get to take down the Jersey Devil, or should I say…beat the hell out of him! Vlad stumbles into The Living Corpse, or just Corpse as his friends call him (*wink). Corpse didn’t know Vlad, resulting in a fisticuffs’ meet up, cut short by Cassie, as she comes to Vlad’s rescue.

Corpse realizes that it is the one and only Cassie Hack (my note- let’s see these guys together again, big fan of these two together). As Cassie & Corpse begin to catch up, the Jersey Devil’s mother, who now is less than happy about the death of her little one, comes after them. We quickly discover Mrs. Devil’s ability, I will call it “Winged Demon Vagina Assault”, unleashes holy hell upon our heroes. It takes Vlad’s smart thinking to take down the mother of the Jersey Devil. Corpse as a tampon?…hmmm, interesting. Corpse, the victor, is now covered in the end trails of the mother and the woods are yet again safe for pre-adolescent, unsafe sex. Can’t wait to read more from The Living Corpse & Hack/Slash characters. Maybe someday, they will get to meet again…..I will hold my breath if it will help!

Thanks for a great chapter guys! Slay ya later Comic geeks....xoxo Demonica

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