Thursday, December 2, 2010

Late Night Goes GEEKY!!!

Late Night goes Geeky

Hey guys, we wanted to give you guys the inside track to everything that is happening here at Late Night at the Horror Hotel. If you notice, we have slowed down a bit, not just on our site but, with even turning out new episodes. Many are wondering…are you guys dead? Where are you? So, let me answer:

Since March of this year (2010), Late Night at the Horror Hotel, an idea that became a TV show, reached into 23 states, showing 11 episodes, countless sketch/skit promos and making plenty of waves at Conventions and more. Quite honestly, we still felt that we are missing the bus…we want more. The question is: How do you reach more?

Sal Valente, the man behind the voice of Pigamortis and I, Rob Dimension wanted to reach a larger audience, plus incorporate more into the show. We are both, in reality, nerds…besides Horror, we like comics, gaming and science fiction. While Horror is our #1 love, we feel that currently there's a lot of talent out there in the Horror Host world and we want expand on that universe . We have decided that we want a 22 minute tv/web series that can bring you into the life of geeks. We just feel it fits us better.

Still sticking with the Horror theme, don’t worry horror fans….We aren’t abandoning you, we created a new show titled “NecroCOMICon”. The series takes place in a comic shop, dealing with normal issues plus of course, the outrageous. Leaving Mooch and Pigamortis in charge of the protection of the Necronomicon sounds like a great idea on paper….but, Jeb and Demonica will have their hands full keeping things safe. You just NEVER know who will be in to buy this week’s newest Comics or try to destroy the Universe. will debut in January and we will be doing reviews of comics and games, plus movies. There is a storyline in each episode, much like Late Night at the Horror Hotel offered, and we will be including some Classic Throwback Tv commercials into every show. Special guests are already in the works and we are hoping you will tune in.

This is all the details I can give right now………..I know, not very much, but we will be targeting Comic cons as well as Horror Cons…sound good? We think so too. In 2010 we put Late Night to bed and in 2011 we awaken NecroCOMICon TV....

Thanks – Rob and Sal

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