Friday, December 17, 2010

Epic Fail - Your Spokesperson for Dungeons and Dragons is?

Pig and Mooch Epic Fail Podcast #1

Your Spokesperson for Dungeons and Dragon is?

As The Pig and Mooch set up for the 1st Epic Fail (I’m sure they will have many more) Podcast our nerd minds got to thinking – If you had your choice, who do you name as the Spokesperson for Dungeons and Dragons?

While discussing this classic Role playing juggernaut, Mooch and Pig were trying to figure out who would be the person to represent the Dungeons and Dragons community. We could all piss and moan about the job that Wizards of the Coast does, from adding upgrades for 4th edition to altering the premise for the sake of making more money. We are role players…we are broke…we hunt for the latest Star Wars figures at 10am at Toys r Us…BUT, we need a voice and well, a face. Who is your choice?

Vin Diesel made his nerdness known over the summer, but is he our best candidate? Fast, Furious and a d20? Come on gamers….we want to know who is your choice…message us on FB, Twitter or by email –

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