Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Demonica gets Re-Animated with a mini- review of Hack/Slash Omnibus 2

Demonica gets Re-Animated with a mini- review of Hack/Slash Omnibus 2
by - Demonica

It’s Demonica, the head demon in charge over at NecroCOMICon TV. We have been working hard on getting the new show and season under way. I think everyone is going to be happy and surprised, so tell your friends!

This is my first comic review and I decided to write about my favorite comic series, entitled Hack/Slash. Hack/Slash was being released by Devil's Due Publishing but recently switched to Image Comics, plus starting in February will become monthly again. 

Hack/Slash features Cassandra Hack, (or Cassie for short) and her lovable sidekick Vlad. Vlad protects and helps Cassie in her quest to help those in need and kill serial slashers. Serial killers are a mix of those that return from the dead to continue to kill or even the crazed killers that we are so familiar with, which leads me to this review. I just finished Hack/Slash Omnibus 2, even though this retails for $30, it is well worth it. Great stories and some amazing art. I wanted to talk a bit about the Cassie & Vlad Meet the Re-Animator story arc, I'm a big fan of Herbert West (who doesn't love Jeffrey Combs) so this only made sense to be my first...oh, Mr. Combs..be gentle :)

Originally released as issues #15-17, our hero, poor Cassie Hack, is now without her mother or father. Well, she really was for most of the first 2 Omnibus’ but, I got excited when she found her father toward the end of the 2nd Omnibus. They didn’t even get a day together before Dr. West brought back her mother too. 

In a perfect world, things really start out great. Her mom & Dad together again, they head to a nearby motel, but their love doesn’t last. As they are in bed together, Mrs. Hack starts to become deformed again, into the lunch lady (which is the fat older version of Delilah Hack) that went on a rampage killing hopeless teens that teased her daughter (read the early stuff, it's great...even My 1st Maniac trade, which comes out Dec 8th is fantastic!). Mrs. Hack doesn’t want Jack to see her this way, she decides she needs to make some of the of the stew that Dr. West used to make her alive and beautiful again. So Delilah kills the first person she sees and starts to prepare the stew as Jack calls Cassie to warn her and to have her bring Dr. West to the motel. 

Delilah begins to sense trouble. As she turns of Jack, she stabs him in the stomach. Shortly after, Cassie arrives with Dr. West & Vlad as Jack stumbles to them. Cassie asks Vlad to save her father as she goes to deal with her mother. With the help of Dr. West they decompose Delilah back to a corpse. When Cassie goes to check on her father, Vlad tells her that he died. Dr. West offers Cassie the last vial of the regenator stuff. Cassie took the last vial and smashed it. She didn’t want to bring him back that way. Truly a sad ending, as Cassie leaves with Vlad an orphan, I was really pulling for her. 

Hack/Slash is definitely my favorite comic book thus far. The violence, gore, and sexual content makes me need Hack/Slash Omnibus 3 on Wednesday. 

"Hey Mooch, you better get me this or I will hurt you" 

Until next time, stay sick - Demonica- Slaughter the ones you Love!!

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