Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wrong Turn 3 Review - Left for Dead....and no Nascar = SCARY!!!

Wrong Turn 3 - Left For Dead
Reviewed by : Rob Dimension

I know, I know...NASCAR...Hillbillies they don't always go together, but come on...they are close. I sat down to watch the third installment of the Wrong Turn series titled: Left for Dead. Directed by Declan O'Brien, who directed he can't be that bad.

This film has a few sub plots going have this girl Alex and her friends rafting, her friends bite the dust, early on. Prisoners are being transported, they end up being Hillbilly dinner, at least most of them. Then, you have a truck full of money that just creates more trouble since everyone is greedy (Especially the guy writing this review).

Our Hillbilly this time is Three-Finger, who was seen in previous films, and his son Three-Toes....gotta love this family tree. They set the booby traps and the goriness is sprung. A lot of fun traps and cool effects are in this one. My only complaint is when CGI is used, it is very noticeable. Sometimes, older special effects would just work better, but after watching the special features, they were limited on time...24 days to be exact.

You have wild, angry cons on the loose, a hot chick (although, she is no Eliza Dushku), a prison guard trying to keep the peace and our raving lunatic Hillbilly. Overall, it wasn't great but wasn't terrible either. The money truck, loaded with cash created a diversion in the story to cover the lack of good writing, just my .02. It just made the movie annoying for me at times. Double crossing each other gets old fast, but the Hillbillies don't need money.....remember that folks!

Gore - Plenty of gore, shock scenes that are cool. A lot of the same from past films, arrows threw the faces, the traps that slice and biggest gripe is that Three Finger looks like he is 5'4 and 135 pounds. I know, small but mighty. If you were a fan of the first 2 Wrong Turns, go ahead...turn of the GPS and drive blindly and make a few wrong turns.

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