Thursday, November 4, 2010

Why the Late Night Crew are no longer Super Friends....

What's Missing from this Super Friends Picture?

So, you see Batman, Superman, Aquaman...hell even the Wonder Twins and that damn dirty ape have spots in the Super Friends, so where's our boys? This is footage from within the Hall of Justice, it shows what phone call Pigamortis and Dimension messed up on...unfortunately, Cannon was guilty by association.

When asked for comments, these are the printable quotes we received:

  • Pigamortis - "I made a simple error, geez kill a guy, why don't ya. They made it out....relax people"
  • Rob Dimension - " I still am not sure what is going on...all I know is they took my cape back."
  • John Cannon - "Can I just have the right to remain silent? I apologize to all who were affected by this.....but, you can see my tragedy now."

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