Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Star Wars - The Force Unleashed II review

Star Wars the Force Unleashed II Review
 by - John Cannon

In a galaxy long ago….ok let’s be real, it was this past week and it was at my nearest GameStop store. I had heard about the Force Unleashed II coming out a number of months ago and after becoming a fan of the first game I knew I had to acquire a copy of the sequel, STFU2. Now in reading a small bit of information regarding the new game I was intrigued as they said the game play and controls would overall be a lot easier to handle. I was pretty happy this as remembering back to the first one I usually had a hard time with the force grab and throw option as well as not having good force lightning.

So anyways, I got the call that they would have a midnight release of the game and while I had done them before I was too tired to attempt this one, so I opted to just go in the morning. I went the next day picked up my copy and threw it into my car to play at a later date. A couple days later I was talking with a friend who had picked the game up and was playing it and so I asked him what he thought about it. He told me the force throw and lightning were awesome, but the story line just seemed a bit weird. He explained a little bit of the story to me and I have to admit I was confused about it, so that sort of got me in gear to load it up and play it.

Once my PS3 (I only do PS3, sorry Xbox fans) loaded al the updates for the game I clicked on the start menu and began the journey.

Now as I played through the game I did realize that the game play was in fact much easier and in my opinion a bit more enjoyable than the first one. The force grab and throw was excellent and much more easier than before so I give the game designers kudos for that one. Plus the force lightning starts off kind of bleh, but once you upgrade it one its like the emperor himself is throwing lightning, very cool.

There are however a few things that I really didn’t enjoy about this game. One was the fact that it seemed much shorter than the first one, I mean a beat it within a few hours of game play and really didn’t have much of an effort beating it. So that was a bit disappointing in itself. Then you get to the story line and I know many a Star Wars fan who loves the story lines in the films and this was a severe let down. IT made no sense what so ever in relation to the first film and just when you think you begin to understand what is going on they change it and you’re confused all over again. While I am not a huge Star Wars “mark” I do enjoy seeing the classic characters like Yoda show up, yet he does nothing and you do nothing on his planet, a complete waste of time to see a vision that could have easily been a cut scene. Finally towards the end of the game it goes into some sort of weird outlook and you can no longer dash or move the camera around, it just didn’t make sense.

In playing and thinking about this game I would say go get it because its game play is excellent, just try not to focus on the story line to much.

Be safe and may the force be with you,
John Cannon

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