Saturday, November 6, 2010

Marian Dora's Cannibal review - "Can I eat you?"

Marian Dora’s Cannibal
Reviewed by : Michael K. Snyder 

Based on the gruesome criminal case of Armin Mewes, Cannibal is a strange venture into the macabre world of sex, violence, and of course flesh eating. Clearly a very artistic piece, Cannibal doesn’t provide its viewers with any comedic elements nor does it force-feed you the gore. The film starts out very quietly, with little dialogue, as it follows the main character around his hometown doing his normal duties. Then, the true horror begins when our lead starts searching the Internet for consenting victims who want to be eaten. 

One of the things I liked most about this small film is the sexual and emotional aspect the filmmakers touched upon. They don’t just show him meeting some guy and then eating him but rather they build up the fact that it is a huge sexual release for him. He wants this other person to be a part of him, not just a no strings attached lover. The film brings you deep into his psyche and helps you understand why someone would eat another person. 

When the film finally progresses to the gore, it doesn’t let up. Each disgusting scene involves some sort of strange mutilation fetish as well as a lot of male nudity. The effects were spot on and very convincing. When Armin severs his “lover’s” penis and then saut├ęs it in a pan, I gagged multiple times. Along with great effects, the script was strong enough for a film of its size and I loved the various angles the filmmakers used. They didn’t just throw this film together; they intricately pieced it together, which is refreshing for an arthouse-ish film. 

The scariest part about this film is that it is a very accurate account of what actually happened. There are some sick people in this world, and then there are people like me who love exploiting those sickos. Overall, Cannibal is an interesting and psychological film that should be viewed by intellectuals and gorehounds alike.

Michael K. Snyder is a student filmmaker in Winter Park, Florida. When he's not in class he is working on screenplays, short films, working with Rob and the Late Night Crew and anything film related to keep him busy. He is always looking for work and is currently seeking an agent or any form of representation. If you are interested in working with Michael please email him at

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