Friday, October 29, 2010

We are looking for YOUR FILMS - Attn: Independent Film Makers!!

Late Night at the Horror Hotel is looking of submissions!!

Once again, Late Night at the Horror Hotel is looking for film  submissions to review on our site. We have a great staff of reviewers and writers and we want to see what you have.

This is your chance for your film to reach more people. More than ever, the Horror genre market is exploding with new films, with video stores closing, your job to get noticed is harder.

Let us see what you have...send an email to Rob Dimension and let's get you film reviewed!

Wanna see some of the films we have helped!!

The Good Sisters - Forbidden Pictures
Dead Hooker in a Trunk - Twisted Twins Productions
Long Pigs - Clowns After Midnight
The Wrong House - Wisdumb Productions

These are just a few..please ask them if they think we helped....

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