Monday, October 4, 2010

This coming weekend!!! Forest of Fright on Saturday - Pittsburgh, PA on Sunday...

This coming Saturday, October 9th, The Late Night crew heads to The Forest of Fright in Philo, is in your best interest to hide your valuables and your anyone safe??? John Cannon and Rob Dimension will be your host for the evening...stop by and see us..we want to know what you LOVE about Horror!!! Wanna be on TV? Here is your chance!



 Then this Sunday - We will be at the World's largest Zombie Crawl in the Monroeville, PA, we will crash...err..stop at the Monroeville Mall (the mall made famous by the George A Romero classic "Dawn of the Dead)...look for us..stay tuned to our Facebook pages as we will try to document everything as much as possible.

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