Monday, October 18, 2010

Season's Beatings is a on the Chainsaw Sally Episode

Season's Beatings is wrapped!!

What a weekend....we finished shooting with the Chainsaw Sally, Miss Busy Bee and JimmyO on Saturday night and I think we were all extremely excited on what we had created. Let's give you guys a synopsis of what the story is about and what film we are going to show:

 The feature of the evening for this episode will be JimmyO's Silver Scream, if you are unfamiliar with this title, it was an original musical stage show that became a film. Silver Scream pays homage to classic horror and fits our show perfect. Keep in mind, this will be a cut version, we highly recommend visiting and pick up the complete film.

Synopsis for the show : John (John Cannon) is frantic about his upcoming evaluation from Hotel Management. Mr. Natas (JimmyO Burril) is due in any minute and John has given Pigamortis (Sal Valente) and Dimension (Rob Dimension) the week off because they are always causing trouble.

The hotel has a special guest, Librarian Sally (April Monique Burril) having a temporary lay over at the hotel, but things don't seem how they are. Dimension and Pigamortis make a surprise appearance, to try to help John out.....this is where things go down hill. Dimension and Pigamortis figure out that the Librarian is really Chainsaw Sally along with Miss Busy Bee (Nicolette La Faye) and must now get rid of her, until Sally threatens them...with DEATH!!! 

Will John be driven crazy with this madness? Will Mr. Natas get a glimpse of what is really going on? Will Chainsaw Sally and Miss Busy Bee KILL Dimension and Pigamortis??? 


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