Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ron Frost's Seeing Stars Magic Routine Packet Reviewed

Ron Frost's Seeing Stars Magic Routine Packet
Skill Level - Intermediate (Easy)
Reviewed by :Rob Dimension

This is a great little gem of a Magic packet. The packet comes with everything you need to preform this trick and has a cost of about $10.00. Everything is examinable and a simple technique makes this trick a sure fire hit.

About the Trick - A magical routine with a startling finish. Two packets of Dr. Rhine’s ESP cards are shown. One has four Squares the other four Circles. Two cards from each are switched but the Squares manage to gather to one packet. The packet of Squares is now seen to be all Circles and then magically changes back to a Circle, a Square, a Circle and a Square. By now the audience must be Seeing Stars -- and sure enough the original packet is turned over to show all four cards with Stars all over them.
So, check out the video below and see for yourself.If you have interest in Meir Yedid, make sure you visit Kurt's Magic World as Mr. Yedid will be making an IN Store appearance and don't want to miss this one...

This is simple, fun and with the Holiday's quickly approaching, could be a great stocking stuffer! If you have interest in this deck, or any Magic - check out our Magic adviser Kurt Brasch at Kurt's Magic World in Lansdale, PA. He has a brand new location and his store has TONS of items. From the simplest tricks for the kids to the much more experienced illusions.

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