Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mental Photography Deck and DVD review - Great Illusion and Easy to use

Mental Photography Deck and DVD review
by: Rob Dimension

I have been reviewing some of the more simple decks and DVD's that you can pick up that really deliver and have some sort of impact.This is one of those tricks that are inexpensive and easy to pull off. Retail is approx $15.00, this price includes the DVD and the Deck. This is made by Magic Makers and, I think they always do a fantastic job.

Deck Overview : A deck is shown to be completely blank on both sides. Without switching the deck, it becomes a real, full color deck. Make spectators believe you mentally thought of the deck and turned the blank cards into faces and backs with your mind! 

Your instructor for this DVD is Eddy Ray, whom if you are unfamiliar with, really does a fantastic job at breaking the trick down, showing you sleight variations to make this even easier, plus presents some very creative twists that make this a MUST. He also helps explain some simple techniques like the double lift and killing the wrist.

Tricks included on this DVD:
  • Mental Invisible Deck
  • Heated (Card turns blank in spectator's hand)
  • Which Pile (A Variation to the 3 Card Monte)
  • Vanishing Selection
  • Color Change
  • Illustrated Deck (the BEST trick on the DVD, in my opinion)

This is simple, fun and with the Holiday's quickly approaching, could be a great stocking stuffer! If you have interest in this deck, or any Magic - check out our Magic adviser Kurt Brasch at Kurt's Magic World in Lansdale, PA. He has a brand new location and his store has TONS of items. From the simplest tricks for the kids to the much more experienced illusions.

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