Monday, October 11, 2010

Late Night now looking for Horror and Paranormal writers!!!

Late Night at the Horror Hotel is expanding!! Writers Wanted

Starting in November, Late Night at the Horror Hotel, is looking to provide more info, news, reviews and articles about Horror and The Paranormal. This is where you come in...are you a writer? Are you interested in writing for us? 

Our site is growing everyday, our fanbase is always climbing and our views on this site are always getting higher. We want to get more information about Horror and the Paranormal out there for the people to read and learn about.

Horror - We are looking for 2-3 Horror writers. Topics can be reviews, news, interviews or any general Horror related topics. We will ask that you submit 2 articles per week, or more if you want, and these will be placed up on our site. The site is family friendly, mostly, so please keep the language clean, if you have a topic that is intense, just let me know...we really want to focus on the Underground Horror, movie reviews, Convention reports...we are here to promote Horror.

Paranormal - We are looking for 1-2 Paranormal writers. Topics can cover Urban Legends, Theories, Fact or fiction type, Ghost Investigation topics, places of interest, Paranormal Movie reviews...The Paranormal interest is at an all time high, so with Late Night at the Horror Hotel introducing our new Investigative series, this is a perfect chance to get in on the ground floor. We ask that you submit 2 articles per week. We want to know what makes you neck hair stand up...what gives you the creeps or what you believe in. 

If Interested - Email Rob at - I will give you details. This is just another way that Late Night at the Horror Hotel is raising the bar on what we do! 

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