Wednesday, October 20, 2010

June 9th - the movie that makes you hate the date

June 9th
 Reviewed by : Rob Dimension

Bleh, I never like writing bad reviews but come on...when are people going to realize that if your main characters are A-Holes, no one will care when they die!
June 9th was a flick I came across  a few days ago and had wondered why I hadn't heard about it I know why. This is the story about a group of punk kids who repeatedly visit Boston Mills that they found out about via Haunted Ohio web site. What it resembles to me is more of an Amish residential area. 

The worst part about this film, the kids are just douchebags, they ring doorbells and run, crush mail boxes, sneak up on people with their video camera. This is a very bad version of the likes of the Blair Witch Project. This group continues to return to this weird area, in the beginning they find large Marijuana plants but then just continue to do more dumb antics after the last.

The ending has some redeeming factor as these kids all die...horrible deaths. I will admit I smiled. The gore that they had was decent. In the beginning, I was thinking it was more of a supernatural film, I had high hopes but then found out, it's just a bunch of angry Amish types that got tired of these kids wrecking their town and crap. The ending shows one of the Amish kids taking the camera and still filming events and outings that he has with his family.

Just another case of a bad film that had a good premise. I don't even know if these actors had any kind of acting skills, they are just there and acting like punks. No talent in that, my neighborhood is full of these types.

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  1. its like a movie full of Johnny 13s. :) I kid, i kid... i <3 J13.