Thursday, October 28, 2010

For Love of Zombies Poster debuts!

For Love of Zombies

Synopsis - Two zombie loving geeks and their reluctant girlfriends stop at Evans City Cemetery where the original Night of the Living Dead was filmed. While there they encounter a horde of ravenous zombies only this time it isn't a movie. 

 This fun Zombie short was shot during this past summer and will be a very fun time! Writer and Director Ron DiPrimio was kind enough to send us the poster drawn by Brian Maze, the award winning comic book artist and the man behind the popular MonkeyGoatBoy site.

Co-Host, Rob Dimension has a fun cameo as a Zombie in this one, star Teddy Wycheck had this to say "anytime I can kill Dimension, it's always a great day." I'm sure that everyone will enjoy this one. Once the official trailer and screening information is available, we will post it. For more Zombie Vision mini-episodes, check out:

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Stay Dead!!!

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