Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Carnival Trick Cards Deck and DVD review

Carnival Trick Cards Deck and DVD review
by: Rob Dimension

A few weeks ago I was able to grab the Carnival Trick Cards deck and DVD made by Magic Makers Inc. I was extremely happy and surprised by what was inside.

As some know I took it upon myself to learn Magic as part homage plus a marketing tool since becoming more of a Horror Host. Simply enough, it helps bring people to your table, plus helps stop them from walking past us at appearances. This deck is tremendous.

The deck with DVD runs about $30 and comes with the "special" Carnival deck that has countless, simple tricks that will help stop a crowd. Here are some highlights:

  • Carnival Color Cards (Probably my favorite on the dvd)
  • Carnival Bunko Bet 
  • Incredible Shrinking Cards
  • Monster King
  • Monkey Monte
  • Carnival Monte
  • Genie in the Lamp

Keep in mind, some of these tricks do require some sleight of hand, but the host for the DVD, Rudy T. Hunter does his best to show you simplified forms of the Elmsley count to perfect some tricks, plus the double lift (just as two examples).

If you have interest in this deck, or any Magic - check out our Magic adviser Kurt Brasch at Kurt's Magic World in Lansdale, PA. He has a brand new location and his store has TONS of items. From the simplest tricks for the kids to the much more experienced illusions.

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