Friday, October 15, 2010

Big Weekend for the Late Night crew - Chainsaw Crazed Babe on the set!

Late Night at the Horror Hotel gets "Chainsaw Sally CRAZY!!!"

Easily, the blueprint for Independent success, with the most notorious, popular Horror show on the Internet, Chainsaw Sally comes to the Late Night set this Saturday for our special "Season's Beating's" holiday show.

April Monique Burril, aka.Chainsaw Sally, along with Independent Writer and Director (Chainsaw Sally, the Good Sisters and Silver Scream) JimmyO Burril plus a few surprises are doing us a great favor by appearing on our show. This show, unlike the rest will be available on the net once completed. We may also make this show available for download, plus the feature film we are showing is JimmyO's musical "Silver Scream".

Rob Dimension had this to say "Usually our show is more of a PG type show, but this one....gonna be a little more gritty." John Cannon added, "There is a good chance many of our TV stations will not carry this one....It might be an example of our growth or an example of our demise." Sounds like a blast to me, we can't wait to see the final product.

This is a great opportunity for the producers, Sickening Thud to show their talents also. Pigamortis Wrex was quick to speak, "Look, we are here to entertain....We are hoping to introduce special new character as well, we are really starting to hit our stride. The show is growing, the site is growing and we are's gonna be a great ride!"

This weekend, you can also catch the Dynamic Trio in Saylorsburg, PA at the Hotel of Horror/Altered Nightmares, they will be out front, most likely Heckling people before and after they go into, what we feel, one of the best attractions in our Area. Visit for details and directions.

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