Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pigamortis is a "Fan of the Dead" Review

Fan of the Dead review
by: Pigamortis Wrex

So I sat down popped in this DVD waiting to see some sort of uptight, pretentious French documentary about some Frog's trip to Pittsburgh Comic Con and his Romero worship. Man was I wrong. Nicolas Garreau (our documentarian) really nailed a fans' perspective on this one because he is 100%, undying (undead?) Romero/Zombie fan! 

This isn't some slick, avant garde, grand production from some french indie film company. Instead, its something that would invoke the fanboy spirit in even the most jaded of horror fans.
Nicolas takes us on his journey from France across the Atlantic to the exotic wilds of Pennsylvania. On this road trip he has a checklist of finding all of the locations from "Dawn/NotLD 91/Day and Creepshow". His first stop before hitting the Comic Con he takes us to the Margaret Morrison Carnagie Hall where they filmed Creepshow "The Crate" segment. Its when he finds the hallway used in the film that Nicolas absolutely shows his pure passion for Romero and his love of the films. He takes us to the studios used by Romero's Latent Image back when shooting the original NotLD. Its here that we learn the building's basement was used as the farmhouse's basement as well as the roof being used in Dawn during the SWAT assault. 

We are then brought to Pittsburgh Comic Con for some camera time with the zombies at the 25th anniversary of the film "Dawn of the Dead" or as Nicolas knows it "ZOMBI". Its here that go along with Nicolas on the Monroeville Mall tour with Ken Foree, Peter Emge and "Machete Zombie" Leonard Lies. Just some quick trivia learned from this movie, The money used by Peter and Steven in the bank scene in Dawn? REAL*
(*according to Ken Foree) Throughout this tour Nicolas shows all the little nuances and memorable scenes in Dawn, and each and everytime he got somewhere I recognized, i smiled. Invoking memories and just made me a happy Pig.

After the mall tour, we are taken to the locations of Night of the Living Dead (Savini remake, one of ole Pigamortis' favs) as well as the missle site(now warehouse)The film showed him sitting in traffic when he got lost on his way to these sites but it added to the feeling of being along for the ride.

This dvd is more like someone's vacation footage. I mean this is a good way. No pretense, no "script". Just sheer passion for something that has driven him all this way. A religious journey of sorts. Pittsburgh is his Mecca and you can't help but share in his enthusiasm and zombie love. In my opinion, THIS should be shown on the Travel Channel, instead of boring shows about going to BANGKOK, Naples, Kuala Lumpor or places i have NO desire to go. It is this movie makes you want to find these places for yourself. (Those fans who already havent.) We are privy to seeing things through Nicolas' eyes with no filters or hype or pretense. Just thru the eyes of a fan. I was a bit disappointed when this ended, I found myself wanting more. Maybe I will go on a road trip myself and enjoy just being a fan again. This was entertaining pure and simple. All zombie/Romero fans need to pick this up! 

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