Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Take on Monster Mania - August 2010 in Cherry Hill, NJ

My Take on Monster Mania 15!!!
by: Rob Dimension

Monster Mania and I have had a relationship for years now, I have been a vendor for approx 6 cons and this was my first time being a Guest! I absolutely LOVE Monster Mania, the promoter Dave Hagan, the way the convention is, the people, the's like my home turf, if you will.

Friday Morning - I packed up the car, headed out to meet up with my Partners in Crime for the weekend, John and Pigamortis, to get set up and ready for the Friday afternoon kick off. We were set up in the Terrace Room, right along side the Pet Semetary reunion and Felissa Rose from Sleepaway Camp. Talk about being in heaven, they were ALL tremendous, seriously.

As the lines of people increased, it was our mission to create a buzz about our TV Show, mission accomplished, at least I think. We talked to many, many guests...sold a great deal of merchandise and made a few friends along the way.

Showing off my magic skills kept some of the lines moving, plus being able to host several events throughout the weekend like the VIP Party, the Yorkshire auction and the Sinister Film Festival were all great experiences. It just made for a very fun weekend.

Just wanted to briefly touch on some highlights:
  • Just being there - meant a lot to me
  • The Celebrity Guests could not have been any nicer
  • Smooth - the con was run very smooth from what I saw
  • For all the people who stopped by our table - THANK YOU!!

Here is a mini-video we put together - if you weren't missed a Helluva Con!!