Monday, September 20, 2010

Late Night at the Horror Hotel reaches deal with Sickening Thud Films!!

Sickening Thud Productions takes over Late Night at the Horror Hotel

A few weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to be approached by Wedge Wegman and Shannon Hall, the Philadelphia film makers thoroughly enjoyed the show and a relationship was born.

As of Today, Sickening Thud Productions will be handling all production and directing of our TV show and commercial spots. This is a great chance for us to utilize their experience in helping the show evolve even more. The energy level of the Sickening Thud crew is fantastic and we could not be happier. Our next television episode shoot is scheduled for this coming Sunday. Looking for some innovative changes...... we can't wait.

Sickening Thud :

Sickening Thud began in 2008 with the award winning short "DAISY DERKINS: DOGSITTER OF THE DAMNED".  They've gone on to produce several deliciously comedic horror films, and have just finished their latest dark comedy, "EMBALMO!", which will premiere at the Project Twenty1 Film Festival on October 3, 2010.  Aside from the macabre, Sickening Thud will begin to dabble in the science fiction realm next year by introducing a superhero web series.  Our mantra: "GIVING THE PHILADELPHIA FILM SCENE A PUNK ROCK STYLE KICK IN THE BALLS!!"

Looks like business is about to pick up!!!!

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