Monday, September 20, 2010

HUGE Announcement - Chainsaw Sally comes to Late Night at the Horror Hotel in NOVEMBER!!!!

Chainsaw Sally coming to Late Night at the Horror Hotel in NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!

This announcement is HUGE for us!!!! 

April Monique Burril and JimmyO Burril have said they would "LOVE to Slay Late Night!!!" This past Saturday, a deal was struck and we are extremely excited to have such a fantastic team of the Horror genre on board. As of today, it is for only 1 episode, but the door will ALWAYS be open for more!! 

So, you might ask yourself...who is Chainsaw Sally? First, I would ask what rock you lived under (then might beat you with it), then I would proceed to tell you that Chainsaw Sally (Burril), is an iconic underground sensation within the Horror community for the past several years. Mixing Humor with Gore, Chainsaw Sally has been featured in Film, TV and TONS of magazines and websites around the World. Most recently, the 1st season of The Chainsaw Sally Show was picked up by Troma Films and is set for release September 28th!!!

JimmyO Burril, the creative Horror Mastermind behind films like Chainsaw Sally, Silverscream and most recently, The Good Sisters staring both April Monique Burril and Debbie Rochon, had this to say "We would love too, we watch everything you guys put out and it's top notch stuff. We are really looking forward to it!" 

At MonsterMania 16 in Hunt Valley Maryland, Rob Dimension who had just come off stage, hosting the Q&A with Robert Englund was bouncing off the walls with excitement when asked about Chainsaw Sally, saying "We are so friggin excited, seriously. We had been talking with them for a while and it is finally coming together. We are going to follow their formula, April will be Chainsaw Sally on our many know, our show has a sub-plot on every episode. While we do host a film, we plan on going above and beyond for this one!!"

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I guess the next question is...will the airwaves be able to handle this one???

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