Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dr. Terror reviews our show and calls us "The Hee Haw of Horror"

Dr. Terror calls us "The Hee Haw of Horror"

In 1969, Hee Haw made an impact that changed the landscape of TV Land. The Variety/Humor show set the pace for what people enjoyed....why am I telling you about Hee Haw? Well, Dr. Terror, from Dr. Terror's Blog of Horror, recently reviewed our Tv show and likened us to the cult classic icon in Country Music TV...Hey, he could have said The Lawrence Welk Show.

Am I flattered? Of course...here are some other notables from the review:

"These guys are succeeding at resurrecting the comedy of Laurel & Hardy and/or Abbott & Costello only taking it to a very dark and magical place. Rob Dimension loves his physical comedy and is a master in the art of masochism (I've seen him blow himself up and cut his own hand off... that's dedication). Chef John will entice and dice your taste buds with some of the most interesting sounding meal preps I've ever heard (Armadillo eggs? yes please!). What you've got here is a combination of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 with Dinner and Movie and add some jokes straight out of the Munsters/Vampira/Zacherly playbook for garnish. It's like a variety show"

"There's a stake sandwich (yes, I spelled that correct) and an undying commitment to the love of schlock. Rob and John choreograph an entire military campaign against Gammera using army men and a toy replica and teach the audience how to cook something totally strange. This kind of entertainment is destined to jump off cable access and straight to AMC."

Thanks again to the good Doctor for watching and enjoying the show. To read his entire review, make sure you head over to DR. TeRRoR's BLoG oF HoRRoR and tell him we sent ya over!!!  Hahaha...Hee Haw... 

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