Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Soska Twins show our show some LOVE!

Here is what we found on The Soska Twins website yesterday! They loved our show, what's stopping you from watching? Hurry up and check them out, come back and check us out too!!!

DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK checks into the Late Night Horror Hotel...

What, pray tell, you may be asking yourselves, is the "late night horror hotel"? Well, boys and grrls, you are in for a treat. Rob Dimension, John Cannon, and Pigamortis are gents that we twisted twins have a lot in common with; sick yet humorous tastes, a passion for film, and a wicked awesome independent spirit. Their show, Late Night Horror Hotel, ensures thrills and chills, laughs and tears, and even features a devious and delicious cooking segment.

We were absolutely delighted to send gents of our own kind, with demented and gore~geous tastes, our beloved baby, our debut feature, DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. A special thanks to mister Dimension for reviewing the film.

Want a little taste of what he thought of the Hooker pie...?

"The deeper I dig into the background of this film, the more I am delighted. Female directors and writers are finally getting respect they deserve and the go ahead to release some insane flicks; The Soska Twins, who apparently are very warped, just ripped a big hole in Woman’s Rights in film making. Jen and Sylvia Soska are Canadian twins who, while extremely cute are also, more importantly, extremely gifted. My hats off to them, Dead Hooker in a Trunk will be fully endorsed by me...the movie, that is." ~Rob Dimension, Late Night at the Horror Hotel

Check out their show, EVERY Thursday and Saturday Night at 12 Midnight on Philly's public access television, check out their site here, and check out the film review HERE.

A very special thanks to all the gents at the Late Night Horror Hotel!


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