Sunday, August 29, 2010

[Rec 2] Review - As good as the first??

[Rec 2] Movie Review
by: Rob Dimension

Well, I finally got to see Spanish Horror film [REC 2], the sequel to the 2007 Hit [REC] and reason the US made Quarantine, this weekend. After all the hype, plus after being blown away by the original, I have been hunting around and it fell into my lap...courtesy of

The original dealt with a different storyline than the American remake, Possession vs Rabies. [REC] was amazing, while many scenes were shot very similar, Quarantine just couldn't match [REC]...plain and simple. [REC] was much more creepy and just had a better "Scary" feel.Once Part 2 was announced, I just had to see it.

[REC 2] takes place immediately after [REC] finishes. The search and recovery team is headed into the Apt building but quickly realize that the supposed "Virus" is a little different that an "Air borne" disease, they thought they were controlling. The leader of the group, turns out to be a Priest and is now searching for the "Host" of this Possession type virus. This becomes fun for the viewer, without being able to Kill each "infected" person, plus a handful of kids...the group must now try to draw blood to test. The mission is find the host, test the blood and make it out ALIVE!!

This film is well worth looking for. Plenty of "Jump" scenes, some great camera angles and I am totally digging the "Possession" over Rabies. If you enjoyed Quarantine (and I really was a really good, fun film), do yourself a favor...find [REC] and watch it. [REC 2] does not disappoint and is well worth the time to seek it out (It's not hard to find, I'm just lazy).

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