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The Philadelphia Experiment…not so much brotherly love.

The Philadelphia Experiment…not so much brotherly love.

A long long time ago in a land not so far away there was a magical boat, a naval destroyer in fact, called the SS Eldridge. What made this boat so magical was that it could do time travel teleportation from Philadelphia to Virginia. Now this magical boat had a dark side to it as when it would complete it’s time travel teleportation the innocent crew would be fused into the metal of the ship to be a part of it for all eternity, not unlike that of the crew of Davey Jones. However this magical boat would be considered an abomination and secret that needed to be hid by the evil men within a “government agency”. To this day the magical boat has lived in legend and lore to baffle those of the strongest and sometimes weakest mind.

Does this sound like such a far fetched story that could only be created by scfi writers, deranged astrophysics professors or even a father telling his boy about such stories around a campfire??? Well I hate to say this, but according to a good number of people thus story is much more fact than fiction. I am of course speaking about the dreaded Philadelphia Experiment or also known as Project Rainbow, now sure why the Project Rainbow, but I’ll go with it.

The experiment was based upon Albert Einstein’s unified field theory, and for you non-geeks out there; what that basically means is the ability to teleport and time travel all at the same time. So the stuff you see on star trek with the classic line “Beam me up Scotty” that’s what this was about, but with the twist of time travel thrown into the mix. This experiment was headed up by the US Navy and was applied onto the US Destroyer USS Eldridge, in the dock yards of Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1943. The experiment used the manipulation of magnetic fields with the help of a number of electromagnetic generators to engulf the ship in a blanket of bent light waves.

A few tries at the experiment had been done and to a point was successful, but the one experiment that stuck out the most was when the ship disappeared and the reappeared in Virginia and then back to Philadelphia. While some sailors complained about nausea the worst horror was yet to be found, some of the men were embedded right into the metal of the ship itself. They were crying in pain and agony and eventually had to be put down and forever sealed as part of the metal structure. Upon further investigation a number of crew members had disappeared completely never to be found and most would go on to suffer severe mental disorders. The US Government decided this was a failed experiment on epic proportions never to be done again; they cut the men who were fused to the metal out and then replaced the metal so no evidence was found. As well they put the rest of the men into Psychiatric Hospitals and did everything they could in order to cover the whole event up. This would have worked if it had not been for a researcher who stumbled across some recently declassified paperwork regarding anti-gravity propulsion and a mysterious letter from a man named Carlos Allende who spilled the beans on the Philadelphia Experiment due to his role as one of the few crew members who managed to not suffer from the most severe side effects for the experiment.

Now I can continue on with the original fairy tale I started with or the second one…that’s right the whole thing is a fairy tale. Now as I have stated in the past I would love for this stuff to be 100% true and I would be one of the first to say there is a conspiracy with our government, but I can’t in this case. First off it’s only one man’s research into a speculated idea of Einstein’s theories and they may have been considered by the government as pretty much everything is, but he had no real proof or documentation of anything in regards to it. As well the USS Eldridge was still in service for many years after the supposed event took place and at no time was there any radiation levels, weird anomalies or evidence that metal had been removed and replaced. The only man to really come sort of close to pulling off something of this magnitude was Nikola Tesla, who we will cover at a later date.

The overall time lines of the events just do not make sense, case in point the time the experiment was supposed to have happened the ship was still docked in NY. Could the ship logs have been falsified, sure if you want to go that route then let’s look at the fact that the men who were first stationed on the boat, when the experiment was to have happened, were interviewed and the USS Eldridge had never dock in Philadelphia at any time of it’s service.

The old saying seems to be true when it comes to this one, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. This is such a great story to tell and if it were true it would be even better, however this story only lives on in the minds of storytellers, Hollywood and conspiracy theorists. I know quite a few people who would argue with me that this was 100% real and the government is covering it up to keep the public dumb and unaware of the true technology we have. Do I agree we have some awesome technology we don’t know about yet…yes I do, I would stupid not to, but hats why they hire the best and brightest, in order to create these things. Never believe everything you hear and do some research and use your gray matter called a brain to figure out the facts.

Be safe and wear your life jacket,
John Cannon

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