Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life Aquatic….ahhhh zee fishes are so, fish like - Movie Review

Life Aquatic….ahhhh zee fishes are so, fish like.

Do you remember sitting in Science class or even watching the local Public Television Stations as they showed The silent World, Cries for the Deep, Cousteau’s Odysse Series? No? You don’t? Am I the only one? I probably am, but at least I know that you have heard the world famous Jacques Cousteau, the master of the sea, his only rival being that of King Neptune himself. He revolutionized the world of the ocean as we know it and see it to this day. He co-developed the aqua-lung for scuba, and being a scuba diver myself I am eternally grateful to him for the possibilities to explore the undersea world. His ship the Calypso is almost as famous if not as famous as the Flying Dutchman or the Nautilus. He has written, directed and produced numerous movies, books and TV shows all on the world of the water and it’s magnificent undersea ways.

The movie Life Aquatic has nothing to do with any serious undersea work what so ever, it is however a pretty freakin funny comedy. The movies is centered around a man named Steve Zissou, who is the Cousteau of this film, as he travels the world looking for a possibly mythological shark, the jaguar shark who had killed his partner, almost Captain Ahab hunting down his white whale. The many exploits they have while hunting down the shark are absolutely hilarious, with pirates and the braking in of research facility to steal the good equipment and an espresso machine is priceless.

As he sails the sea on his boat the Balafonte he has one thing on his mind, the complete destruction of the jaguar shark, while filming his exploits all at the same time. Oh and did I mention that the investors don’t want the shark dead and his supposed son is trying to build a non-existent relationship all the while the British reporter is drinking and smoking away while being 5 months pregnant.

As well as all the misadventures he has his un-paid interns, his bonds stooge and estranged wife, who is the only one who can remember the Latin names of the fishes for the movie, to contend with on a daily basis. Oh and he has an absolute and fixation for dynamite and willing to do anything to get that great shot for his documentary.
It gives a comedic styling’s to Cousteau and what he has put out over the years. The cast is top notch and without a doubt some of the greatest straight faced comedians, they include such stars as Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Owen Wilson and Willem Dafoe. It is a very intelligent comedy, in the aspect that it’s not direct in your face jokes, but rather a simple and even toned style.

I had seen this film in the video stores years ago and I thought to myself that it really wasn’t anything all that great and I figured it would be a bore fest. However I sat down and watched it one day, mainly because there was nothing better on TV and I didn’t feel like playing the PS3. I started to watch it and within the first 5 minutes I was hooked and I have to watch it all, even going as far as to cancel a physical therapy session just to finish the movie. Is that a sad thing for me to do….to me no, to you maybe, but it just shows how great a movie it is, so check it out.

Be safe and who lives in a pineapple under the sea???
John Cannon

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