Thursday, August 12, 2010

Episodes 3 & 4 are now available to buy!! Gamera for everyone!!

Late Night at the Horror Hotel
Season 1 Episodes 3&4

DVD Can be autographed - please add note when checking out - We are only shipping within the US, currently

Episode 3 - Gamera the Invincible - The 1966 classic about a giant Turtle released from it's hibernation, heads to Tokyo to serve up destruction. The Late Night crew continues to serve up laughs, a yummy recipe and more. The guys almost make this Giant Monster movie watchable...Almost. Episode approx 60 mins

Episode 4 - Attack of the Monsters - Gamera is back but this time he is here to help. Two young boys board a spaceship and travel to a planet on the far side of the sun, targeted by brain eating aliens. Rob and John show some magic skills and talk about "Stranger Danger". Stand by and watch the 1969 B Movie classic, Attack of the Monsters...or risk the chance of having aliens eat your brains. Episode approx 60 mins

Outtakes also included...and trust me...these guys have lots!!

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