Monday, August 30, 2010

Dirty Philly Switch Magic Card trick on Sale now!

The Dirty Philly Switch Card Trick
$9.00 shipped anywhere in the US!!

"Ever heard of the 3 Card Monte? You might be ready for the Dirty Philly Switch...You Can NOT Lose!!!"

If you have seen it performed, you know how easy and effective anyone can pull it off. The crew from The Late Night at the Horror Hotel show are always traveling and entertaining (or trying too); this trick breaks the ice and is excellent to trick your friends with.

Based on the 3 Card Monte, this version has a twist and you simply cannot lose! Being from Philly, we are always being accused of talking to fast and trying to pull a fast one, this is exactly the case here. You are giving your “Victim” a 50% chance to pick the “Money Card”, but they never will and it’s in plain sight. The “Money” card will be gone, nowhere to be found…like it had been switched!

This Trick comes with easy to follow instructions and is ready right out of the package...fool your friends!! This Trick is Skill Level 1 (Easiest) but is super effective - when you see Rob and John in person, ask them to perform this for you, just don't wager any money!!

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