Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Big News for Horror Hotel - We sign exclusive deal with Altered Nightmares/Hotel of Horror

Late Night at the Horror Hotel inks deal to make them EXCLUSIVE this Halloween!!

Last night the crew from Late Night at the Horror Hotel met with the "powers that be" at the newly combined attraction - Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares www.HotelofHorror.com, and developed a plan of attack to be the BEST Haunted Attraction in Pennsylvania. Located in Saylorsburg, PA this attraction is a combined event - over 25,000 sq ft of Terror.

What does this mean? Each and Every Friday and Saturday ( *unless noted) Late Night at the Horror Hotel will be hosting a "Special" 2 hour presentation as well as providing Hosting during your wait to enter this fantastic attraction. Dimension, Cannon, Pigamortis, DeadNeck Dave, Hack the Zombie and the rest will be there. 

Late Night will be filming for the special presentation during early September, this might even be released on DVD. This place was HUGE, over 3 floors of twists and turns, both attractions are going to be intense. Aiming for the older (15yr old+) victims, this place means business.

We will be updating further with our exact dates, photos and video from the filming and possibly LIVE Streaming from the Haunt during the season. The guys plan to host a TV episode completely from the Hotel of Horror too. Thank you goes out to all the Hotel of Horror/Altered Nightmares people, everyone is extremely helpful and really cares about this. We could not be anymore happy. This weekend at MonsterMania, we will have banners and postcards with more info!! Stop by and see us.

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