Monday, August 30, 2010

2 Hour Extravaganza - Freshly Squeezed Kaijuice - Goes on Sale

$12.00 Free Shipping within the US

"You saw some of it on 100 Years of Monster see what we couldn't show you!! Watch it all - 2 Hours of "Freshly Squeezed Kaijuice" - This DVD has gotten RAVE reviews already and will be shipping out on September 16th!! Don't wait - Only $12 shipped in the US!!

John Cannon and Rob Dimension have a treat for you tonight, depends on who you ask. As seen on the World-Wide event for 100 Years of Monster Movies, the guys from Late Night at the Horror Hotel host Yongary: Monster from the Deep and then Gappa: Monster from the Prehistoric Planet as they present “Freshly Squeezed Kaijuice.”

Highlights from this Special 2 hour Extravaganza are John proving to Rob that mind over matter really can work, as John sticks a needle through Dimension’s arm. A wild animal bites off more than he can chew and  finally, someone needs to give Dimension a hand. Plus, has anyone seen the Hearse? Kurt the Magician shows us some “REAL” Magic and Dimension shows what he does with his free time in “Upskit in the Dungeon”. John makes Buttermilk Chicken in a Creature Cooking Segment…movie reviews and even some “On the Road” directly from Kim’s Krypt and Severed Sinema.

Sit back, grab some popcorn and …maybe a barf bag as John Cannon and Rob Dimension serve up “Freshly Squeezed Kajuice” and show you how to make 2 bad movies…even worser.

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