Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Review of Attack of the Vegan Zombies

Attack of the Vegan Zombies Review
by : Rob Dimension

A few weeks ago I was sent Attack of the Vegan Zombies by writer, director and producer Jim Townsend to review. Jim also stars in the film, I greatly appreciate him for sending me a copy.

The film is better than many on the Independent scene right now. The acting is above the normal and the way the film is shot is fantastic. The decision you have to make when viewing is how much of a Zombie purist are you? I am always up for any kind of Zombie shenanigans, so I figured "let's have a watch".

The Acting - The lead female actress is Christine Egan (plays Dionne Talbott) who reminds me of Sigourney Weaver, I know that is a bold statement but even her voice sounds like her. She was very good in this role, I might even seek out other films that she has done. Jim Townsend plays the Husband role and does a really good job, seriously and their chemistry is pretty good together. The role of Dionne's Mother is played by H. Lynn Smith who is a very believable Witch. The supporting cast is very good, especially the nerd characters..those guys made me laugh out loud.

The Story - The story is about a struggling couple who have a Wine Vineyard and can't produce enough Wine from the failing Grape crop. Dionne (Egan) goes to her Mother who is a witch to use Black Magic to improve the crop season. The following season is amazing in fact, so much so, the couple decide to hire some help, some students and their professor and two athletes. As the crop grows "aggressive" people start to disappear and things spiral out of control.

Overall - I really thought the acting and casting were very good, my standout was Christine Egan. I also was a HUGE fan of the scenery and techniques used to create the atmosphere for the film. The scripting was good and the premise was fun. It just depends on how much of a zombie purist you are, if you are a die hard classic Romero Zombie...then you might not enjoy this one. For me, sometimes a fun, good ole' Zombie flick is a good time...this one was fun. 

Thanks again to Jim Townsend for sending me a copy...I really look forward to see what he has up his sleeve for the next one. He really tried to be creative here and I can appreciate that, it may not appeal to all, but it was different enough to peak my interest.

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