Thursday, July 8, 2010

Off the top of my head

Light week this week?
by Rob Dimension

Figured I would start jotting down my thoughts and anything else as the weeks go by to keep everyone informed with what's up. Think of this as my blog/journal and overall thoughts.

Usually I am much more visible but I needed a week to recharge my battery. Last week we had put together the 100 years of Monster Movies script that we are going to be hosting on July 23rd at 8pm est, for more info, we wrapped and I still had things to get done. This is my thoughts on what goes on in my get ready! We shot the TV show on Friday from 1:30pm - 7pm and then I hit the local Fireworks until 11pm, Saturday drove 2 hours, each way to the beach all day...then on Sunday drove 2 hours each way to hit Maryland to film at Kim's Krypt and on Monday went to the Aquarium and then did a radio interview at 12 midnight for an hour about the show. Crazy, but extremely fun weekend. Plus, I was coming off of Strep Throat, horrible!!

How our show comes together - Hopefully, our show comes off like it is somewhat planned out, not just an ad-libed mess. I have never been a fan of just making the show up, it can be a waste of time without a game plan. In all the years of writing for TV, commercials or anything, having an outline, I have found is always a safe bet. I know a lot of Horror Hosts are more spontaneous, time is money for me and I always want to have the best product we can have. This is just my thinking...

We literally had just gotten done shooting episodes 5 & 6 of our show, which I tried to write some new concepts for the show, some will work and some won''s a process. Our show is always changing and I am prepared for that, hoping that those that watch it will offer some opinions. I really want our show to be looked upon as credible and strong but mostly, a fun hour to spend. Anyways, 5 & 6 exhausted a lot of ideas I had, but the opportunity came for the 100 years of Monster Movie hosting gig and I was honored to have Joe ask us. This required me to create something new and different...

For those that don't know, I am also involved in Pro Wrestling and while it's minor now, I still dedicate time to that. I have a couple of Wrestling dates coming up plus, a lot of dates to do with the Late Night Horror Hotel show and still a movie role and audition coming up and still working on practicing our stage/magic show...busy, busy, busy...I'm not complaining, just trying to stay fresh. 
Back to the show - so I needed to come up with a script for the 2 movies. We had been wanting to press the envelop with some more Horror lately so on an idea, I figured we could piece together this episode and just have a ball. John felt it came off good, our producer, Matt, loved I am hoping everyone else does. I often think of our show as a sitcom more than a Horror Hosting show, sometimes it's harder than it seems to make the show work. Just think we are 8 episodes in, just 4 more and season 1 is done already!

Our next scheduled shooting date will be July 16th up at Severed Sinema, I will pick out a film or 2 to start laying the ground work for new episodes. That way we can utilize the theater and also might hit Frazetta's Fantasy up that way too. With Aug, Sept and of course Oct coming, expect some HUGE things coming your way. I honestly hope everyone that is a fan, keeps watching and enjoys what we are doing.

Thanks Guys - Rob

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