Friday, July 23, 2010

New to Late Night at the Horror Hotel?

So, maybe you are just finding us after watching our Guest hosting spot on 100 Years of Monster Movies, that's great. Thanks for watching and hopefully, you enjoyed yourself. We will introduce ourselves - the cast is John Cannon and Rob Dimension, plus we have Lord Von Heisenburger and Pugly the Bell Hop. We are going to introducing more cast members this week...right here. We are based out of Philadelphia and are on every Thursday and Saturday night at Midnight on the PhillyCam network. More stations are in the process of picking us up, so stay tuned.

On this site, we review movies, comics, pop culture and anything else we think about. We try to be diverse and keep things fresh, from the Paranormal to Magic. We will be touring Conventions and Haunted Attractions starting August 7th at the Eastern PA Tattoo and Piercing Show, then on to MonsterMania and more. We recommend visiting the site a few times a week as we are always updating.

If you enjoyed tonight's 100 Years of Monster Movie presentation but missed some of it, don't worry...we got you covered. This special 2 hour extravaganza will be available on DVD - you will get the segments you just watched, plus plenty more including an awesome recipe from Chef John, some footage from both Kim's Krypt and The Severed Sinema show plus a movie review...if that's not enough...both movies (Cut to be us)...this is one dvd you will NOT want to miss Stay Tuned for ordering details.

Wanna see more? Okay, look to the right side of this can watch Episode 3 of our show or you can now buy Season 1 Episodes 1&2 of our show featuring Night of the Living Dead and Plan 9 from Outer Space for only $12 shipping anywhere in the US. Scroll down for details. 

Once again, we greatly appreciate you checking in and watching. When you need a room...just check in at Late Night at the Horror Hotel.

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