Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Hires at the Horror Hotel??


Like things on the set of Late Night at the Horror Hotel couldn't get any weirder...well, they just did. Late Night at the Horror this past weekend welcomed a few new cast members:

Pigamortis Wrex - The new big man....or pig on campus is Pigamortis Wrex. Pigamortis is a sharp, quick witted Horror film nut who thinks he will make this show "Watchable", according to him. We asked Pigamortis for some comments and it we wondered...why the heat?

"Of course they hired me, the show was tanking. You really think two losers like Cannon and Dimension could handle this job? Pigamortis is already getting the job done...wait til you see what happens next." Big promises from the big man, we hope everyone will tune in to see what happens now.

Hack The Zombie - well, what can we say here...he looks a little familiar to us but says his name is "Hack". Hack had this to say, "Yo...this place doesn't have any beer...what a waste. I know Cannon and Dimension, Cannon can cook some great grub and Dimension, well..we are gonna get plastered!!" Okay, did we mentioned he yelled this entire time? So much for family friendly.

DJ The Janitor - The lovable and well..umm...dead Janitor has been given the opportunity to keep this place clean. Hopefully, he has a censor license too...this place just got messier. DJ comes to work, does his job and try's not to get in the way. Supposedly, he dances...but we have yet confirmed that. When asked for a comment, DJ just shuffled past us and mumbled something about "a messy kitchen, rubber sheets and vomit", we decided not to continue with the questions, we just didn't want details.


  1. you have NO idea what you have just done...

  2. They look like really fun guys. I once knew a fun guy from Yuggoth. Maybe they know him too.