Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boarding House - It's Horror Vision!!!! Okay, so it's pretty dumb, but fun

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Back when Video cameras we less than accessible, at least they were pricey ... there was a few release of "shot on video" releases that I guess could be described as "Indy films" back then. No budget, plenty of boobs and pretty terrible special effects. Here are some names:

Video Violence 1&2
Cannibal Camp Out
Boarding House
(probably my favorite out of the bunch..I will explain)

Boarding House - shot in Horror Vision...what's that??? Oh, it's shockingly good...not really

When Boarding House (1982) was released I was just a 12 yr old punk...not much has changed. The movie impacted me in a weird way, sure after going back and watching it now, I realize how awful it is...but Horror Vision was a crazy good gimmick. While the film was lacking from every angle, the actually "Tingler" type warning was a great feature. The special effects were pretty awful but I give these guys credit for doing the Horror Vision since, I remembered it for 20+ years, it worked for me.

It would all start with this warning - "Ladies and gentleman, this is a warning. To protect theatre owners and the makers of this Horror Vision film, viewers with nerve or heart conditions are advised to cover their eyes and ears whenever this object appears on the screen ..."

Now come on...admit it...seeing a Hand with psychedelic colors back in '82 would shock anyone. I was all about it, remembering this film for years before finally being able to rediscover this gem. I probably should have left well enough alone, as once I went back and watched was kind of a turd. I would recommend you to watch it yourself though. Below is the trailer, just witness the madness!!!

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