Monday, July 19, 2010

Am I crazy to enjoy the Crazies???

Am I Crazy to enjoy the Crazies (remake)?
by: Rob Dimension

Okay, so I just got done watching The Crazies, the 2010 remake from
director Breck Eisner, written by Scott Kosar and Ray Wright. I will review this film, as always with as little of spoilers as possible.

The Crazies stands in a long line of remakes, the current trend from Hollywood since creativity has gone down the drain. George A. Romero, who I just admire for his non conforming attitude and risky, political themed films, released the original The Crazies in 1973. Romero, taking a shot at the current Government pull (Vietnam was the topic during that time frame), really still proves that the fear of the government and their power struggle is still here, some 40 years later.

The plot synopsis is very simple and quite honestly, could happen at anytime, in my opinion. A plane carrying a biological warfare weapon to unstablize a territory, crashes in a small town and infects their drinking supply. Plain and simple, the people that drink the water begin to go insane and the government must step in to quarantine the area. Of course, the government loses control and things spiral out of control. The story focuses on a Sheriff, his Wife and a Deputy and how they try to survive the ordeal. 

Let's get to the facts, the Sheriff is played by Timothy Olyphant, who has played some good roles in Live Free or Die Hard and my favorite Porno producer in The Girl Next Door, and he does a really believable job here as the Sheriff...I like this guy, he's pretty a solid actor. I think he took this role and really did fantastic, he carries the film.

This film, for me has 2 tremendous kill scenes. One does involve Olyphant...SPOILER ALERT : At one point, his wife and him are cornered in their house. The family, Mother and Son of the first victim that the sheriff had to kill have the Wife tied to a chair, the Sheriff gets nailed from behind and now reaches for his gun. While reaching for his gun, the son stabs his hand and attaches it to the floor, the Sheriff now lifts his hand, knife still through it and stabs the Mother in the throat...very cool and pretty creative.  

Would I recommend this film? Yes, it's different that the original but it's faster paced, which now a days works better. There are some great "shock" moments that will make you jump and I think the believability of this possible outbreak is what should make you think. With H1N1 making huge headlines last year, this could be in our future. Would the Government handle things any different than they do here? Highly unlikely.

I still recommend going back and watching the Romero original, The Crazies simply because it I feel it is still worth a watch and George just has a way to express himself via film...something that is nearly impossible today.Bottom line, if you are an independent film fan, actor or director...inspiring possibly? Watch Romero's stuff...he is the guy I pimp the most. 

Okay, so again...go RENT the Crazies remake, I think you would enjoy it. It was fun and wasn't a typical remake. Have a great day guys and speak with ya soon!!

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  1. I was surprised and delighted myself - I REALLY enjoyed this one. I don't usually hold much hope for remakes but I always reserve judgment until I see them. This one was worth the watch - and I even watched it twice. WTF!