Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zenescope's The Waking mini review

Raven Gregory's The Waking

Released through Independent comic makers - Zenescope Comics, The Waking is a very well written, deep zombie thriller. Zombie you say? Well sort of...

Raven Gregory coming off his successful trilogy series for of the Wonderland titles, (Escape, Return and Beyond) I thought this was a great chance for Gregory to take a risk and show people what kind of a writer he really is. I found the story deep and having a heart...well thought out and he brings you full circle.

The Waking follows four Police detectives trying to solve two murders. They quickly discover that these murder victim s are coming back from the grave to avenge their deaths. Seeking, stalking the murderers and delivering the fate given to them. I would love to say it's Zombies here ...but it has a very VooDoo feel for me...nice change actually. We begin to see the stories unfold...

For me, this story is more of a feel good story about a Father's love for his daughter, what steps some parents might take to hold onto their child forever. We soon realize that the homeless man, was given a power as a child and this power has been transferred to his daughter, but there is a catch...(you have to read it...we are spoiler free)...all 4 issues are out in stores now!

Usual fans of the Wonderland series will still enjoy this, plenty of boobs to go around. I think this series captured the stories of old, mysterious..not so blunt. Was fresh to read something creative...some writers are still taking chances out gotta look around. I would recommend this comic's only 4 issues and well worth your time.

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