Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Wrong House Contest Winner is.....

The Wrong House Winner is....

Gastank13 wrote us about how crazy some neighbors can be...so after much fact checking, police report reading and discussing murder methods with Shawn French and Sue Stevens (the Murders of the film "The Wrong House")..we will be sending you your FREE copy of the film!

Here is the email we got:

OK, hear me out. my brother was home from the military and we're at our parents in Detroit. where you can walk between houses ,stick your arms out and touch both houses. one reason this town burns so easily. so, we was watching a movie and wasp was in the house. so ,i opened the doors for it to fly out. later i really didn't notice my brothers actions of grabbing a paper and heading to the crapper. then he gets dressed,or put or put on shoes. so i go to the pisser to take a leak and step right on this wasp when i was to pee. yes, he hit it with the paper,couldn't find it, and put his shoes on....so i can step on it. a sting is one thing, but put 180lb of pressure on it.....well, i came up with a few new words you never heard before.

Anyways, my neighbor would yell these words out when i got home from work,or school....and laugh. so i knew what he was up to. this was around 1985 and i was in a hardcore punk band at the time. but 185 lbs on a wasp sting will take you to higher levels. I'll tell you that. he did this for a few weeks,yelling our my 'quotes' until he flipped again.

Too bad he had a wife and a couple of kids around 10....but beating the crap out of your end table doesn't do much good. yes he trashed the house,before....all these broken beds and tables at curbside pick up.....so, now this gets good. around that time ,he flips again. and start smashing things again. oh, you name it,he smashed it. wasn't till he got to the windows the police was called. well, I stuck my tape player in the window and hit record.

so i have a 150 watt amp and a custom built cabinet with sro's .those in the Indy know what I'm saying. well ,you can hear it,half cranked ....about 1/4 mile. well, i just unplugged my guitar, plugged it into the headphone jacks of my tape player...and presto...house trashing party again! and again....

and i can tell more. oh, devils night. and family in, and listening to police scanner and getting '"a call" and running out with our cameras. Detroit fun as long you are not part of it.

If you still have not seen the Wrong House, check out the film herehttp://thewronghousemovie.com

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Here is the trailer 

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