Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spirit in the skies or possibly UFOs…really?

Spirit in the skies or possibly UFOs…really?

When you look in the sky what do you see…airplanes, the sun, moon, stars, birds, superman or UFOs? Throughout history people have claimed to see things in the sky, which would explain our fascination with wanting to go where no man has gone before…space the final frontier. We don’t understand space or anything in it and our curiosity as people drive us to wanting answers of understanding. This may explain why people tend to be so nosy and rubberneck at accidents.

While there are many aspects to the whole UFOs and Ancient Aliens that we can take a look at and pick apart…and believe me in time I will…I will, I want to look at wars in the skies. The Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Gita, Native American texts, Chinese scrolls & in other forms of written text or art there are a number of events chronicling wars in the skies. Now whether these wars are considered that of divine intervention or natural phenomena, the newest approach to these occurrences are that of actual UFO wars…very star wars like. It seems that in all major religions & cultures around the world there is a story in their written text about a war in heaven, in the Bible it is the war that really starts good and evil and subsequently gives Satan power, but this isn’t a Sunday school lesson this is about UFOs. The point is that it seems there is a trend no matter the location in the world there seems to be some sort of “war in the sky” going on.

Now let’s take a look at this logically and with a clear head on our shoulders…the people back in the time of these ancient reports believed that if you were feeling ill in your stomach then there must be a little troll living in you causing you harm. So, all those times I felt ill because of the flu it was actually a small troll in my stomach? Damn, and all my mom did was had me suck on ice and snack on saltine crackers, maybe I should’ve had something a little bit stronger to take care of that problem. Do you see where I am going with this one? What people thought as being one thing back then is easily explained away by science because we now understand about viruses, diseases and immune system. I mean look at the Greeks & Romans they had a God for every little thing that happened. Now in this modern day we understand that there isn’t some maniac God throwing lightning bolts down at us because he is angry…or at least I think there isn’t, but I’ve been wrong before.

In 1561 over Nuremberg, Germany there was supposedly a war in the heavens that was seen by the entire town and was also painted in a semi-famous scene. It was reported that on the morning of April 14th a scene of epic proportions erupted in the sky. The sky was filled with what seemed like different colored disks and crosses. The event was said to have lasted for over an hour and a half and while I research this more and more I find that the actual shapes that were reported vary in many ways and are not consistent, so that’s a red flag to me. They always say there are 3 sides to a story…yours, theirs and the truth.

Now first off when you read about these shapes in the sky couldn’t it be something as simple as sun-glares? Do a Google image search and check our sun-glares, there are a number of different types of sun-glares because the human eye sees them so differently. Plus, you know how when you first wake up you have that sand like junk in your eye and your eyes are watery then you take a look at something bright? You see different shapes and things tend to look blurry, well this event happened early in the morning when the sun was rising so wouldn’t it make sense that waking up suddenly to go take a look at something wouldn’t make you see clearly as to what is going on? Ok now why where they woken up suddenly…who knows, maybe some natural explosion, which does happen or maybe it could have been something else. The point I am making is that you can’t always believe what you see, plus as the story gets told over and over again it turns into “whisper down the lane”. You know that kids game where you tell one person one thing and by the time it reaches the 10th person the statement is completely changed. These UFO reports are just in fact that, they are stories passed down from generation to generation…I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy, who saw these things in the sky. How reliable of a source is that, it gives you a starting point to look at, but can you take it as an actual fact, I don’t think so. We have the best in picture capture technology in the world today from digital cameras to High definition video cameras and yet we still don’t believe what we see when faced with actual evidence, so why are we trusting a painting and a passed along story?

In closing I would like you to question what you see and hear. Don’t just look at something and go into some full blown whacked out idea in your mind and then claim it a truth without really looking into it. What you may be seeing may have a logical common sense explanation for it, and then once you have researched it and eliminated the junk you will then have what you really saw. Take some time to do the research and you will be rewarded well,  I am sure of that.

Be safe and remember…sun-glares kill, actually they don’t,
John Cannon

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