Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Now boarding all passengers going to Egypt, Mexico & Beyond

I pose a question to you today, why couldn’t ancient man envision airplanes too? Why do we feel as a 2010 society of people that ancient man could not have the same hopes, dreams & desires as we do in this present day? Is it so far-fetched that ancient man would want to soar in the sky amongst the birds just as we have the ability to do today? And is it so out there that societies/cultures across the world could have the same thought and outlook that they couldn’t create their own style of flying machines? OK, so that was more than one question I proposed, but I think you catch my drift in what I’m aiming at.

There are some people out in the UFO community that believe the cultures of Egypt, Mexico, China and others around the world were heavily influenced by aliens from outer space. This is such an arrogant and egotistical approach to looking at our past that it drives me up a wall. Now let me state that I am fascinated by aliens and the possibility of their “existence”, but I have to look at this in an approach that makes sense logically. I would be and willing to believe that aliens exist, but let’s not try and discredit the past of advanced ancient civilizations just because we don’t understand them.

Let’s start at the beginning of recognized aviation history. The first official recognition of aviation began with Leonard Davinci and his flying models and drawings that he created around the 15th century. We can even go back farther to 200 BC in China when they are first recognized as using kites for military purposes, and last time I checked…kites fly. After the Leonardo Davinic era, man had been pursuing to fly as the birds did till we came to a balloon created by men in France and then to the Wright Brothers. Well that’s all fine and dandy, but why can’t the thought of flight have existed before 200BC? Were the people back then only banging rocks together and making grunt noises until one day…BANG!!!...they could talk intelligently, write and exist on a higher level of existence, I highly doubt this.

In Egypt a small toy was found and it looked a lot like a plane/bird. They claim it isn’t a bird because it fits to closely to a modern day jet and no bird looked like that. I have to admit when you first look at the toy it does look like a modern day jet fighter, but was it, I don’t think so. Do I think it could be an example of a glider that may or may not have been built so man could fly like the birds…yes. They had birds in the day of the dinosaurs, so why is it that man would not want to fly in the air to satisfy their curiosity and desire? They say there is no original idea left in this world and that applies even to the theory of flight. Man probably desired to fly back then just as we do now. The difference is while we have modern machines of electronics and composite metals to give us the ability to fly, ancient man did not have this luxury. Now I do feel ancient man had some types of machines, but nothing to enable them to ability to fly long sustained flights as we do today. I do think however that they did have the materials in order to produce gliders made of light wood so they could fly for short periods of flight. Making a glider is not all that difficult if the basic understanding of flight, air currents and mass/weight ratio is understood. In Egypt these people made the pyramids out of practically nothing as they did in Mexico and in China they made gunpowder and fireworks…these were not stupid people. These were people driven by purpose, faith and desire. So the idea of them making a glider based upon the design of an already established flying machine, aka a bird, should be pretty easy to accept.

The story of the Egyptian toy glider plane found is essentially the same exact story as that of the ancient America’s, ie. Mexico with the Mayans, Aztecs, Olmecs and more. These people believed in Gods of higher powers just as the Egyptians did. They lived in a rain-forest situation which was flourishing with many different animals and birds, the key word being birds. They too probably felt the same dreams and desires to fly in the sky like birds in order to be closer to their Gods that they so firmly believed in. A small intricate design was found not unlike the Egyptian glider toy, not only did they find a small glider like model they found it engraved into their walls and monuments, again just like similar carvings and hieroglyphics found in Egypt. Now I can talk about the aspect of pyramids in both cultures, but that is for another time and debate.

One of the one facts that keep coming up with people is; well if they did create such machines such as gliders then where is the evidence? Why can’t we find any trace of these gliders existing? My answer is: are you stupid? You are sitting there with these ancient little glider toys in your hand and you say there is no evidence, how dumb can you be. It’s like a little kid holding the baseball bat in his hand and saying he has no clue how the baseball broke the window. Now why aren’t there any artifacts of the big gliders themselves, well if you look at the ancient sites, very little has survived due to years of erosion and poor artifact collecting due to tomb raiders, and not the Laura Croft kind either. And who knows, maybe there are artifacts left out there and we just haven’t been able to find them yet because we aren’t looking in the right place.

It should not be hard to believe that people who lived practically in the middle of nowhere who were able to construct enormous cities and do complex math and astronomy would be able to understand the concept of flight. I feel without a shadow of a doubt that these two cultures as well as others were able to create gliders and envision themselves being able to fly like birds and be close to their Gods. To think we are the only society and culture to desire the ability to fly and work at achieving that goal is very arrogant on our part. Let’s just remember one key fact; we rely on computers and calculators to do complex match problems to do architecture and astronomy. These cultures of people did this without such modern day electronics…that is until we find they created electronics as well…which may be possible, lol.

Be safe & remember that you may not be as smart as you think you are or at least as smart as our ancient forefathers,
John Cannon

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