Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How hard can it be to make a movie? Kevin Kangas spills the beans on FOC 2

Since we are all huge fans of horror, chances are if you often check out this blog...you are, we have all said "I bet I could make a better movie". I know I have, up until the last 3 months ago I had been on both sides of the camera, but hadn't really understood all the problems that come along with shooting.

My experience stems from writing, helping produce and being on camera for numerous Professional Wrestling events, plus even hosting and commentating for some shows. It was always where things were pre-set or moved while I was away from the area...I would just come in, do what I had to and move on.

Once we started Late Night at the Horror Hotel and we (John, the co-host, Matt our producer and Me) had to endure every little set change, numerous takes, edits, lighting, plus every little factor that plays a part in making things harder, it really shows you how hard the entire process really is. Luckily Matt has a lot of experience and John and I are able to learn a lot from him.

Kevin Kangas, whom I think of as a friend, has been one of my first contacts within the Horror community. He has recently begun to document the troubles that he went through when filming Fear of Clowns 2. I reached out to Kevin probably back in 2004-2005 when his film, Fear of Clowns was released. At my retail store, I owned a comic store for a while, we sold a Limited Edition version of the movie, autographed by Kevin and the star Mark Lassise, who plays Shivers the Clown. I always wanted to support Independent film makers and I have done the same for several people. Hell, my even Limited Edition Fear of Clowns 2 is numbered (I got #20).

This blog is a must read for anyone deciding that they can "do it better". I say that in the most sincere way possible, hey, I have script ideas running in my head and would still love to make some "movie magic". Kevin details how hard it is to deal with location troubles, simple tasks and even how hard it can be to make offers to potential actors. Really fun, crazy read and I recommend it to anyone...even for the sake of behind the scenes info.

I will save my review of the films for a later date - look for the Fear of Clowns 2 poster in Episodes 3 and 4 - it's hanging on the wall in the background of our movie review segment :)

Kevin Kangas blog is - http://fearofclowns2.blogspot.com
Kangas Kahn Films site - www.kangaskahnfilms.com

Fear of Clowns Movie Trailer  

Fear of Clowns 2 Movie Trailer


  1. Hey, thanks for spreading the word! Tell everybody to go out and make a movie to see what REAL torture is! :)

  2. Torturing someone as we speak. It feels good.