Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Doctor Mythsonian's Sideshow of Monsterous Oddities

Doctor Mythsonian's Sideshow of Monsterous Oddities
Wanted to take a minute to direct you guys to our good Doctor. Make sure to check out the video below as Mike Melillo, presents his
On The Show is a magazine show. Truly a history lesson for all to enjoy, highly recommended. Dr. Mythsonian will be at Severed Sinema on Friday, July 16th with us, come on out - visit  www.shermantheater.com for details - 2 movies plus entertainment for only $5!!!

The show covers the world of the Variety Arts. Dr. Mythsonian, aka Mike Melillo, is the curator of Dr. Mythsonian's Sideshow of Monstrous Oddities, a traveling sideshow museum, and your host for a trip into the world of sideshow, burlesque, vaudeville, cabaret, and the allied arts. Each episode brings you a biographical segment, recommended products, and a comprehensive listing of upcoming shows and news about artists within the Variety Arts.

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