Friday, June 4, 2010

Did you JUST see Bigfoot? Nah...probably not

In 1987, a movie by the name of Harry & The Hendersons was released onto the silver screen to much acclaim. The film tapped into the public’s fascination with the legend of Bigfoot and his interactions should he ever come into true contact with an all American family. The film was such a success that a spin off TV show was created as well. While the TV show did not do quite as well as the movie it helped to fuel the further interest of the Bigfoot legend. The movie was a simple concept in that a typical American family was driving along a wooded road when they struck some type of animal.  As the family got out to investigate it they realized it was a Bigfoot and took it home for evidence. As the Bigfoot came to they began to get to know the gentle giant and made it a part of their family. However at the end of the film he returns to the wilderness and you see Harry (the name given to the Bigfoot) walking into the woods when an entire family of Bigfoot come out to greet him.

The legend of Bigfoot has been around for many many years and similar stories of Bigfoots exist all over the world. There are many names for the Bigfoot such as Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch, Swamp Man, Skunk Ape, and so on and so forth. It makes you begin to think that with so many stories and similarities could the legend of Bigfoot be real and exist to this modern day?

There are over hundreds of Bigfoot sightings all over the United States every year, and that’s not counting the sightings from the rest of the world. Now I am sure that some of the sightings are false, but the rest of them you have to wonder about. What are people seeing in the woods? Could it really be some sort of forgotten animal or is it the missing link so desired by scientists throughout the world? Well whatever it is, it is out there and it lives with us in the modern world supposedly.

Many skeptics say that if the Bigfoot legend is real then why have we not found any remains and as well why have we not seem them before as much  as people seem to see them to this day? Let’s take on the first part of this question, why have no remains of a Bigfoot been found? Every year it seems the scientific and zoological community find an animal that was thought to be extinct for hundreds of years. In fact there have been quite a number of animals rediscovered that the scientific community is reviewing some of its past comments/decisions of previously though extinct animals. So with that bit of trivia revealed, why can’t the Bigfoot be in the same category of an animal that was thought o be extinct that’s actually still alive to this day? Ok now for the second part, which is why are there are so many more sightings now than in the past? I have two theories on this one and the first being with the development of so much land, like all the other animals such as deer and bears, we are pushing them more and more out of their natural habitat of the woods. If there aren’t many woods left then they are going to come to the suburbs and we will see them more, simple as that. The second theory of mine is that with the invention of the internet and e-mail and cell phones it is much more easier to be in contact with people who have seen a said Bigfoot. In fact there are websites dedicated to Bigfoot sightings, such as ,

OK now that I have “attacked” the skeptical now it’s time to give the believers their turn on the hot seat. My question to the believers is how come there are no clear pictures or videos of the sightings. This is why Bigfoot sightings involving video and pictures are so easy to fake, because there is no clear evidence. On the Penn & Teller Show Bull Sh*t they actually faked a Bigfoot video and people came out of the wood work believing the video to be real before any real zoologists or scientists could verify the video clip. As well, even if Penn & Teller faked scientific evidence people would buy into a believe it. Case in point, in July of 2008 2 men came forward with a supposed Bigfoot carcass, the major news networks picked it up and a press conference was going to be held on national TV for its unveiling.  However, as the ice thawed around the supposed carcass it was discovered to be a fake, a plastic mask and fake fur suit. The Bigfoot community was duped and considered the laughing stock of the scientific world. I feel bad in one sense that they got duped, but in another I think they got what they deserved. They did no real research and paid an insane amount of money for the carcass without any real evidence. So in essence it would be as if you went and phoned a used car dealership and bought a car without really seeing it or checking it out to make sure it’s not a lemon. Does this make good business or scientific sense, because it doesn’t to me.

People in this world want these myths and legends to be real that they tend to lose sight of common sense and logical understanding. Don’t believe what you see or hear, investigate and research it, you wouldn’t dump your money into any stock without research so why do that with the myths and legends that you grew up hearing. It doesn’t hurt to question the evidence, and if they get upset that you’re questioning it then it probably isn’t real.

Be safe and please don’t feed the Bigfoot,
John Cannon

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