Monday, June 21, 2010

Comic Reviews for June 19th - plus Shadowland news

Dimension and James are back with Comic Reviews
 By Rob Dimension

Hey gang, James from Cyborg One Comics in Doylestown, PA ( was able to join Me as we looked at the hottest and best titles to currently in stores.

I wanted to spotlight some Indie titles in the beginning, notice that they are Horror, then get to the mainstream stuff. I really enjoyed Raven Gregory's The Waking, released through Zenescope. The series just wrapped and was a mystical, yet well grounded, fresh story. I would recommend checking that one out. There are only 4 issues and should be still easy to get your grubby little hands on. Others to look for: Crossed - Family Values, Hack/Slash: My 1st Maniac..I love Cassie Hack. We were both exhausted, but wanted to get the review done..please watch!!

Here is Part 1 of the reviews..we tried to cover a lot of titles:
Here is Part 2 of the reviews - Tons of stuff to read

Later this week we will be releasing a Beginner's guide to Comic Lingo...learn to speak amongst the nerds without feeling left out. John Cannon, edited these videos and was also very tired (being a Horror Host is more tiring then you can believe). Huge thanks goes out to him.

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