Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wrong House Contest - Win a Free DVD!!!

Win a copy of "The Wrong House" on DVD!

Plot Synopsis : An isolated house in the woods looks like an easy mark to a group of friends camping in the Maine wilderness. The thieves haul away several ounces of pot and hallucinogenic mushrooms in the heist. But when the homeowners track them down, the friends learn too late that there are some people you just shouldn't mess with... and that they picked The Wrong House.

Here is your chance to win a copy of The Wrong House, which is available on DVD Friday May 21st, nationwide. Don't miss this chance to see the movie that the guys from Late Night have been raving about for the last month! 

Rules - This is pretty easy, since it deals with nutty people, we assume EVERYONE has dealt with nutty/wacky neighbors - so send us an email with your story of the crazed neighbors or the worst situation you have had to deal with. Keep the names out, since we don't want your Kooky, next door, misfits at our door. Send your story to - Rob and John will be reading them but we will pass the final few along to Shawn French and Sue Stevens (the really creepy killers in the film!!)

The Winner will receive - 1 Wrong House DVD and a Wrong House Post card!

Entries MUST be received by Friday, June 4th

Questions? Email us - but please make sure to visit :
 Official Trailer

Rob and John review The Wrong House

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