Friday, May 14, 2010

What am I reading this week?

What am I reading this week?
by : Rob Dimension

Well another week of comic book reading and movie watching has come to a close. I figured I would share what I am reading, what looks good and what I saw for the week. This way I can cover a few mini opinionated reviews and not be stuck for a long drawn out blog. As you can tell by my picture (on the left) I am very excited with this weeks reading material. I spent this week grabbing some older trades, re reading some and regretting not picking up others sooner. On a whole, this weeks stash was very good.

The Walking Dead - I had read issues here and there and never really got wrapped into the story as much as I should. For me, comic reading is like phases, some weeks I enjoy The Red Hulk stuff (the last year has been very good Hulk reading), while other weeks I might grab some off title that no one gives a chance too. Robert Kirkman had really grabbed my attention with Marvel Zombie trades 1 & 2 plus Dead Days, so I had to go back and read The Walking Dead series (currently issue #71 is in stores). Like all comics, it's never to late to jump in, so I wanted to read about the Zombie Apocalypse, I'm a sucker for love stories. 

The story follows a group of survivors though-out the ordeal, problems on the road, how they survive but what intrigues me the most, the topic that hardly anyone talks about ..... the social issues. How people within your group cope with death, if they can mentally handle what's going on around them. Kirkman does a fantastic job touching on those issues, feeding you the minor details that get you wrapped up within the story and the characters. Very smart writing, makes the good guys likable and the bad guys, not...very simple, yet hard to achieve for many. 

I am 1/2 way through the 2nd Hardback and have set myself a mission to ingest as much as I can to get current. I still have Hardbacks 3 & 4 sitting here and will hopefully be done with those by the end of next week. So, if you haven't read comic in a while and want to check something out, go grab the 1st trade of the Walking Dead by Image, it retails for $9.99 and is worth every penny.

Yep, another trade I slept on...Hack/Slash. Devils Due Publishing puts this one out (currently issue #31 is out) and was pretty big in 2008 but I always just kind of wrote it off and another, cute girl, no storyline, I was wayyy wrong. Filled with plenty of slasher material that would make any horror fan happy, Hack/Slash delivers the goods on more than one level.

The story follows Cassie Hack, a social misfit whose own Mother murdered for the sake of her daughter's feelings, on a quest to take out the bad and evil slashers. Accompanied by her trusty, equally freakish sidekick, Vlad, Cassie roams from town to town and gives you plenty of adventure, hot scenes that make any fanboys glasses fog up and some laugh out loud moments. Paying tribute to many horror icons today, I spotted a Troma sticker, a few mentions of other pop culture Icons and even a side story with Chucky (yup..the crazy, murderous Good Guys doll). 

I grabbed the Omnibus Volume 1, think a larger trade paperback with numerous chapters, that retails for $34.99 but is full of tons of reading. I can't recommend this one enough. I think fans of Troma, bad B movies and well, lonely nerds world wide will enjoy this one... especially the nerds (like me) since Cassie wears very little. Ladies and Gents..there is a new ass-kicker of slashers and her name is Cassie Hack.

On to the other comics I grabbed for the week - I will admit, it was rather light for me this week. Only so much time in my days for comics and the two mentioned above have taken over...

  • Siege #1 - I went back and want to read this, since people are pimping it to me. Norman Osborn was Marvel's go to villain last year and it continues on here. Claiming his new identity as the Iron Patriot, Norman has assembled his own Avengers Initiative and is set to take down Asgard. I have never been a big fan of Thor or Loki, as they are just too wordy for me. But, so far I am enjoying this one...there are only 4 in the series and it isn't too hard to just jump right in. So go check it out! If you wanted to be even more caught up, check out The Dark Avengers series.

  • Fall of the Hulks #1 Alpha - I grabbed this simply because within the last year, anything pertaining to the Red Hulk/Green Hulk war has been pretty fun. The smart Hulk vs The Dumb one...equally as powerful, blah, blah, blah...this comic is more of a set up story. Plenty of super villains, I just can't get enough of Doom lately..he is so BA, plenty of back ground knowledge to get you set for the remainder issues. I look forward to reading more about this...the plan of capturing the World's smartest is never an easy task.

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