Wednesday, May 26, 2010

UFO “Experts”…how do you get a doctorate in this stuff?

UFO “Experts”…how do you get a doctorate in this stuff?

Let me first start off by saying that I am a UFO nut and would love for all these UFO conspiracies to be true as well as to get the chance to tour the real Area 51. Now with me stating that I am willing to believe in some aspect of the sense of UFOs, my concern is with these so called “experts” in the UFO community. I watch the shows on UFOs/Aliens like Ancient Aliens & UFO Hunters, heck I even own all the seasons of UFO Hunters on DVD, but how do you seriously become an “expert” on this stuff???

You watch these programs and read these books that are written by everyday normal people and people who have gotten their PHD. The every day people I am not going to look at because that’s way to easy for me to rip apart. I want to look at these people with a PHD and claiming to be experts. Now when I was going to college, and in fact I am returning back to college, at no time did I see a UFO course listed, not even as an elective. So how does one go about getting their PHD in UFOs, you don’t.  I have friends who have their doctorate in real studies and sciences and they went through years of courses/classes to get that PHD title on their name and they are proud of it and can prove what they say with real science and data. These UFO “PHD Experts” can only take the words of someone who may or may not have been involved in a “secret” government program focused around reverse engineering of a downed UFO craft or other “secret”projects. Now while these people may have bad or good intentions with making these stories up, can you really believe them if none of their stories can be backed with actual data???

One guy in the UFO community who is considered to be an “expert” says he worked at Area 51 and had high level security clearance and now that he has come out with his story the government is wiping out his physical history with college, work and even his identity. I am not going to give the gentleman’s name out because if this ever got back to him, I don’t feel like getting sued, but how can we believe this guy? These is no real evidence other than a simple paycheck stub that can easily be created using a computer and an imagination, in fact identity thieves do it all the time.  So again there is nothing to back up how this guy could and should be considered an “expert”.

Now keep in mind I am not picking apart pilots, every day normal people or wackos…I am picking apart those people who claim to an “expert” in something with no real data to back what they are saying. These “experts” listen to what a person says and instead of really investigating it they let their mind wander and run away on a tangent of how it is alien/Ufo related and then it becomes fact in their mind and forced onto the public. 

Now here is a thought…what if all these “experts” are actually working for the government in a misinformation campaign to keep the people of the world confused and focusing on something non-existent while they do something else behind the people’s backs. Think about that one you little conspiracy theorists. The government could be paying these people to lie about things they have seen or heard just in the same aspect as you would distract a baby with a shiny object or loud noise to attract their attention before the doctor gives them their shot so it hurts less…oh never thought about that one did you???

The study of UFOs should be based in fact and data, yes I feel that the government is hiding something in the aspect of UFO technology and yes I would love to see if this stuff was real, but I don’t think we will ever see that or know the truth for many many years.  So all we can do is watch the skies and talk to those people who have the same feelings and enthusiasm, but to claim yourself an “expert” on something you can’t back up is pretty weak in my opinion.

Be safe and always have fun,
John Cannon

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