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Thermal Cameras….Really??? Why???

Thermal Cameras….Really??? Why??? (Updated)
By - John Cannon

I know I will probably get crap for this, but if you haven’t learned from this point that really doesn’t bother me too much in regards to ripping apart Ghost Hunting. This topic is apparently a sore spot  for some people. I am not planning on taking apart the people who use thermal cameras, but rather the use of thermal cameras in general and a viable tool for ghost hunting.

Now, most Ghost Hunting groups feel that the holy grail of all equipment would be to get their hands on a thermal camera. Almost every group out there feels that this piece of equipment without a shadow of a doubt proves the existence of spirits as well as the ability to capture their image and ghostly form. I ask why…why do people think this is a great piece of equipment, all a thermal image camera does is to form an image using infrared radiation. It can detect hot and cold spots as well as their point of entry. A lot of plumbers, electricians and builders use them to find where pipes or buildings would need insulation or to point out faulty wiring as well as where the greatest heat loss is in a subject. The thermal image is projected in colors that directly match the subject, hot being represented by bright colors and cold being signified by dark colors.

So, now that we have established what a thermal imaging camera does and what its true intentions are, let’s get to why I am confused about all of this as it relates to Ghost Hunting.  See now on an investigation people use a thermometer in order to find the infamous “cold spot” which for some reason is a sign that a “spirit” is trying to manifest itself. Ok, I guess I understand that if you are under the aspect that spirits feed off of the energy in the air and heat being an energy is an easy power source for them to get charged off of that the temperature would drop. Now that everyone is getting all excited that they found a cold spot they break out the thermal camera to take a look around the area only to find the silhouette of a person standing there. There it is in all its bright yellows, oranges and reds the form of a human/spirit; you have found the ultimate evidence that everyone looks for on an investigation. This is the greatest experience of your ghost hunting life/career to see…oh wait…did you not read what I wrote earlier? I said that heat was represented by bright colors and cold was represented by dark colors. So then what the heck are you looking at, if you found a cold spot then shouldn’t the thing be dark colors rather than bright ones?

That’s right thermal imaging is really fun toy to play with, but it doesn’t make sense. Did you ever think for a minute about the logic behind cold pots versus warm silhouettes on a thermal camera? People get so wrapped up in the great toys they see on TV that they don’t take the time to actually think about what the heck is going on with them. I have never heard of anyone going out to find “warm spots”, it’s always the “cold spots”.  So what could it be? Could it be an actual spirit? Could it be a reflection off of something (which is my vote)? Could it be something much different that people don’t want to talk about? Could it in fact be a demon?

In the years we have all watched the “famous” Ghost Hunting TV show we have all heard about human and in human spirits. Now if you look at this logically and you have a belief structure which allows you to thoroughly accept the fact that there is a heaven and a hell then take a listen to this. If in fact you have seen a warm silhouette of a human/spirit and not one that is dark colors then wouldn’t it be logical to think that something that lives in the pits of hell would be warm? Based upon all accounts of the bible hell is a place of fire and pain, and last time I checked fire was hot and since demons live in the fires of hell naturally they should be hot. I don’t know if this makes sense to you, but my feelings are to not accept everything you see at face value.

People tend to use “ghost hunting” equipment without really trying to figure out what its true purpose is for. I will admit that I have tons of equipment and have used it without really looking into it, but I am willing to admit it. And the more and more I think about thermal cameras I don’t think they are really worth their weight in what type of evidence it produces.

Again if you don’t like what I say then deal with it, I am here to make you think and take a step back for a minute. As always these are my opinions of logic based upon my experimentation and investigations into the weird and bizarre.

Be safe and thanks for reading,
John Cannon
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